The Cross Saints hubert Pendant – Returning To Our Spiritual Roots

Often times, we judge others without regard and/or respect for their customs or beliefs. The world would be a more peaceful place if we were willing to learn from each other, to accept and/or tolerate differences; whether they are cultural, religious, or otherwise. Can you imagine a world where everyone did the same, spoke the same, believed on the same? How boring would it be! Should we reject people with different opinions and/or religious beliefs; or should we embrace or at least respect them, as they are also children of God. Should we judge them, or should we seek to understand? Through this article, it is my hope that the reader would learn about and understand what motivates many Christians to wear a crucifix.

Wearing a crucifix or displaying it in Saints hubert a prominent St Hubert Pendant place is common for most Christians. But, what is their motivation? For some it is a religious belief that motivates them to do so; while for others it is just another piece of jewelry, with no special meaning. There is no right or wrong, just “differences” mainly due to the way a person has been raised, because of their culture and/or religion.

For centuries, Catholics and other Christians Saints hubert and Jews have believed that, once blessed, a crucifix offers protection against evil. The same is said of other Christian items, such as a blessed Bible, chaplets, medals, scapulars, holy water, prayer shawls, or other devotional religious articles or sacramentals. Centuries ago, the Greeks used amulets; and that is one link to the Roman Catholics tradition of wearing a crucifix.

In modern times, Christians use the crucifix as Saints hubert a reminder of Jesus’ life on earth where Jesus was tempted but did not surrender to sin. The crucifix is very much associated with protection against evil; it represents Jesus’ strength, which he showed on his many battles with Satan. Jesus Christ came to heal the sick and wounded, physically and spiritually; and to this date Christians draw on His strength to fight sin. Furthermore, because Jesus died on the Cross for humanity, wearing a crucifix helps Christians reflect on that reality at all times; especially nowadays that people live such hectic lives. The blessed crucifix is also associated with healing powers because Christ, who sacrificed his life on the cross, performed many miracles, as related on many parts of the New Testament. Catholic  Saints hubert priests also use a blessed crucifix to battle evil, particularly in the performance of exorcism, where they perform the sign of the cross, use holy water and other sacramentals.

The most traditional uses of a crucifix are: on Saints hubert a rosary, on a necklace or other Christian custom jewelry, and also on display at someone’s home or place of worship. When wearing a crucifix, a Christian hopes to be constantly reminded of his or her human condition, that of a sinner; but also of one who aspires to do good and have eternal rest in heaven. A crucifix offers an immediate reminder of the power Jesus had over evil, and the fact that through Jesus we obtain the graces and strength to also defeat sin. For many Christians, contemplating a crucifix–whether it is worn or not– helps them recognize their weaknesses; and aids them to remember to pray to God at all times for strength, humility and to gain the necessary graces to obtain salvation. Thus, the belief is not on the object itself (the cross, crucifix or devotional) but on what it represents. This is why many Christians own or wear a crucifix. The crucifix reminds Christians of God and Heaven.